Making a Will Helps You Protect & Preserve What is Rightfully Yours

Write a Will – Don’t Let The State Choose Who Inherits Your Estate

It’s not unusual for families to be surprised to discover they haven’t ended up with what was expected, simply because a close family member has died intestate (without making a Will).

In such cases, a legal partner only gets cash and assets up to £250,000. The rest may go to distant relatives you hardly know.  And did you know that your children may get nothing if you remarry?

Why Make Your Will with Sovereign Estate Planning?

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  • Fully-qualified solicitor service in your own home.
  • Protect your family and decide who inherits your estate.
  • Gain peace of mind for you from knowing that your family will be taken care of.
  • Minimise your tax liabilities so your beneficiaries don’t end up paying too much tax.
  • Make the administration of your estate easier, taking the burden away from your family.
  • Have the reassurance that guardians are in place for any children under 18 years of age.
  • For those in second marriages, you have peace of mind your children’s inheritance will be protected.
  • In common law marriages, you can specify what you wish to give your partner, as they do not have the automatic rights of a legal spouse.

Other benefits include:

  • Specify who you want to administer your Estate
  • Make a gift to charity or a friend
  • Provide for an elderly or disabled relative

Writing a Will Protects Your Family Estate

Protect the people you care about – with Sovereign Estate Planning, you will give your instructions in a legal jargon-free zone, in your home at a time that suits you.  Your Will is then drawn up by a solicitor and sent for you to review and amend or sign.

Will Review Service

We can review Wills to check that they are still up to date and that circumstances haven’t changed significantly.

We deal with clients throughout Essex and beyond – talk to us about your Will, call us on 01245 460383 or email us for further information on writing a Will

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